2017 Actuaries Institute CPD Tour with David Morrison on Empowering Leadership

The entire team of SKL along with some of our industry friends and acquaintances attended the CPD session at the Institute yesterday. David Morrison, a retired senior office of the Australian Army has given a moving and powerful speech on his view on leadership. He served as Chief of Army between 2011 -2015 and he has served in the Army since 1979. Stories and experiences that have happened during his time in the male-dominated hierarchy environment changed his view of being a great leader and how to lead an organisation.


Most people voluntarily chose to follow because they share the same culture and beliefs
New society expectation is around diversity and inclusivity
Leaders must find the big problem and stand firm to it.

He had been committed ever since becoming Chief of Army to making the Army an inclusive force. “If that does not suit you,” he said, “then get out!” He also told anyone not willing to work with women and accept them as equals, “There is no place for you amongst this band of brothers and sisters.”

Culture is stories that we will tell about ourselves

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Strategies and conversations are important, but actions will only lead us to live by the culture.


We are all living in the future.
“What legacy are you going to leave?”

It is important that leaders will listen to the young generation, understand & include those people’s voices and create a society that is prepared for the future generations.

Personal thoughts…

What I see in David as a great leader that he did not mention during the speech was that he is a true leader who is willing to listen, reflect, accept and change.

Do Actuaries have the skills to be Chief Analytics Officers?

Actuaries have the mathematical, statistical and programming skills to take a company’s data to the next level. But how do their skills align to current Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) roles? Bill Konstantinidis investigates the gaps and what courses on the market can help bridge them.
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Source: Actuaries Digital

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Christmas In July Drinks

Last Wednesday night SKL hosted their first ‘Christmas in July’ Drinks at Hotel CBD Club Bar. The night went smoothly with everyone enjoying themselves and making the most of the drinks and cannapes. It was an ideal opportunity for our loyal clients to network in a relaxed atmosphere and we enjoyed catching up with many of them – Jas, John, Jenny

How working in New Zealand can help fast track your career!


The benefits of working overseas are well documented.  They can be a great way of developing new skills, understanding cultural differences, meeting new colleagues, offer an alternative lifestyle and the opportunity to really understand a new culture and location.  To achieve this from Australia usually means a long plane trip which reduces the chances of visiting home frequently.  New Zealand offers a much closer alternative and a culture with which we are reasonably familiar in Australia.  Not only that, it offers amongst many things magnificent scenery and reasonably similar financial, insurance and legal systems.

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LIWMPC Newsletter for April 2016

“In this month’s edition of the LIWMPC newsletter, our guest author Angat Sandhu provides some personal views on current life insurance industry issues. ”

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Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Risk for Actuaries? (Digital Actuaries)

“We need to recognize that the world (and insurance) is going digital and what this means for us is that there is an ability for segmentation in new ways. In particular, there can be a move to delivering personalised solutions – ultimately at the individual level, and data can be used to significantly improve the customer journey. ”

Jenny Lyon wrote an article following the 2016 IFoA Asia Conference about actuaries managing data within the 21st Century.

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The Time Has Come For Actuaries – Article (Sourced from Cuffelinks Newsletter)

“The combination of the retirement income challenge and the big data opportunity will create the age of the actuary. The skill set possessed by actuaries is central to delivering solutions in both these complex areas. An actuary’s toolbox contains a unique combination of technical and problem solving skills. Successful firms will make the most of their talents and skills.”

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March Newsletter Now Available

The first 2016 newsletter for SKL is now available. Click the link to find out about hot jobs, what we’re up to and the importance behind active listening

Newsletter March 2016

Jenny Lyon Visiting ANU 9 March 2016

Jenny Lyon will be presenting to the new Actuarial Masters students at their welcome lunch on Wednesday 9 March. She will talk to students about what they need to consider on entry to the workplace and more generally about working post university. In addition there will be a presentation from an ex ANU Masters student who is now working and currently studying Part III in Australia. This will be followed by a question and answer session with a panel.

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Actuaries Institute appoints new President : Lindsay Smartt

The Actuaries Institute is aiming to increase its influence in Australia’s data analytics industry, appointing a new president to oversee the profession’s changing business environment.

New president Lindsay Smartt said many actuaries were now nominating data analytics as their primary area of practice and the institute would be working with its international colleagues to drive strategic development in the area.

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