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Equal Employment Opportunities

SKL Executive recognises that Equal Employment Opportunity is a matter of employment obligation, social justice and legal responsibility. It also recognises that prohibiting discriminatory policies and procedures is crucial to playing our part in upkeeping the human rights of our communities.

This policy has been designed to facilitate the creation of a workplace culture that maximises organisational performance through employment decisions. These decisions will be based on real business needs without regard to non-relevant criteria or distinctions, and will ensure that all decisions relating to employment issues are based on merit.


This policy is designed to ensure that SKL Executive complies with all of its obligations under the relevant legislations.


Discrimination occurs if a person treats, or proposes to treat, a person with an attribute unfavourably because of that attribute.  It can also occur if a person imposes, or proposes to impose, a requirement, condition or practice that has, or is likely to have, the effect of disadvantaging persons with an attribute; and that is not reasonable.

Equal Employment Opportunity consists of ensuring that all employees are given equal access to training, promotion, appointment or any other employment related issue without regard to any factor not related to their competency and ability to perform their duties.

Victimisation means subjecting, or threatening to subject, a person to any detriment and/or dismissal because they have:

  • asserted their rights under equal opportunity law;
  • made a complaint;
  • helped someone else make a complaint; or
  • refused to do something because it would be discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation.

SKL Executive also stands by its legal duty to prevent and report any sexual harassment to another person, by anyone affiliated with SKL Executive, during the course of providing or offering to provide any of our agency’s services to that other person.


SKL Executive is an equal opportunity employer and will provide equality in employment for all people employed or seeking employment.

Every person will be given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion or transfer, and to pursue their career as effectively as others.

Employment decisions relating to appointment, promotion and career development will be determined according to individual merit and competence.

Consistent with this, SKL Executive does not condone any form of unlawful discrimination or vilification, including that which relates to:

  • gender;
  • pregnancy;
  • potential pregnancy;
  • marital/domestic status;
  • disability;
  • race, colour, national extraction, social origin, descent, and ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin;
  • age;
  • family responsibilities, family status, status as a parent or carer;
  • racial classification;
  • sexuality;
  • HIV/AIDS vilification;
  • religious belief or activity;
  • political belief or activity;
  • industrial activity;
  • employer association activity;
  • trade union activity;
  • physical features;
  • breastfeeding;
  • transsexuality;
  • transgender;
  • profession, trade, occupation or calling;
  • medical record; and
  • criminal record.

In all cases, SKL Executive will ensure that no factors other than performance and competence are to be used as the basis for performance assessment, training and development opportunities and promotions.