Actuaries Digital : Top tips to keep your career moving

17 February 2016 Sara Lee

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Actuaries Digital Editor Kirsten Flynn asks five experienced actuaries for their top tips, to help keep your career moving.

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Jenny Lyon
Director, SKL Executive Pty Ltd

Make connections

Try and develop connections with people outside your team and your organisation. You will learn more about the business and industry and how the part you play fits into the whole. Relationships can play a key role in having influence and making progress.

Question and be prepared to speak up

If you have a good idea, see a problem, have a better way or don’t understand then speak up and let people know. By listening carefully, thinking and contributing to debate you will learn more, gain more respect and get noticed.

Review your career from time to time

Take some time to think about where you are currently and where you want to be. This does not mean mapping out a career plan for the next 20 years, but by understanding what it is that gives you satisfaction, which areas you need to develop and any specific goals you have, you will be more self-aware and ensure you make the most of your talents.