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John and Aliza at the Joint Regional Seminar

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John and Aliza at the Joint Regional Seminar

Actuaries Institute offices

Friday, 3 August 2018

13:30 PM - 17:30 PM

John & Aliza attended the Joint Regional Seminar at the Actuaries Institute on Friday August 3.

It was a day covering a broad sweep of input under the lead topic of "Challenges and Opportunities in an increasingly Digital World":


- The session opened with Bruce Porteous (Aberdeen Standard Investments) giving us insights into the impact of enhanced digital performance on insurance asset management including real-time reporting.

- Michael Browne (Swiss Re Life & Health) gave us a very interesting insight into Accessing Hidden Value through Customer Insights".

- The keynote speaker, Annette King (Galileo Platforms), urged the audience to 'Disrupt yourself or Be Disrupted'.

- Andres Webersinke (Gen Re Life Australia) took us into more detail with a session on 'The Impact of Digitalisation on Critical Illness Business' using insights from their Dread Disease survey.

- Deloitte Australia  showed us the 'Robots are Coming: the Future of Work' (Caroline Bennet & Alan Merton) and Willis Towers Watson showed us the 'Role of Technology in Driving Transformation of the Insurance Industry - Catalyst, Driver, Incubator?' (Paul Caputo & Kenny McIvor).

- The day closed with a plenary session 'Ditch the DeLorean and Hitch to the Tesla...' moderated by Lesley Traverso.

In summary, it was an insightful and interesting day presented in a lively and informative way by highly knowledgeable speakers.

Congratulations to the Actuaries Institute for a well run day in their first Joint Regional Seminar.



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