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New Zealand Society of Actuaries Conference 2021


New Zealand Society of Actuaries Conference 2021

Rotorua, New Zealand

Sunday, 16 May 2021

17:00 PM - 14:00 PM

​Aliza had a highly engaging experience during her attendance at the New Zealand Society of Actuaries Conference, for which the theme was ‘Vision, Inspiration, Direction’, at Rotorua from the 16th – 19th May 2021. It was thought-provoking to hear key-note speakers discuss how the actuarial profession can embrace accelerating changes and advancing actuarial technology during the current era of climate change, health threats and economic uncertainty.

She thought the most aspiring presentation belonged to Kathrine Switzer, who talked about her journey as the first woman to compete and finish the Boston Marathon. She also learnt a great deal about teamwork from Sir Graham Lowe’s speech on his 12 key principles.

She also have a lovely time at the networking events such as a welcome function on Sunday night and a relaxed evening event on Monday night. The Monday night dinner was sponsored by Deloitte which allowed for a gorgeous unique New Zealand dining experience that was located in the Skyline Hidden Forest amongst towering Redwood trees. A formal gala dinner that was sponsored by Swiss Re on Tuesday night with a warm Maori reception that overlooked a stunning view of the Pohutu Geyser.

There were a range of unique and exciting activities at Rotorua that Aliza experienced as part of the tour offerings with the event. The highlight of her activities was being plunged into the freezing depths of the Kaituna River by the Level 5 rapids (photo evidence below, virtual brownie points if you can spot where Aliza is seated).

For more information about the key-note speakers and their experience and accolades which informed their discussions, please visit –