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Statistical Machine Learning Fundamentals


Statistical Machine Learning Fundamentals

Actuaries Institute

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

10:22 AM - 10:22 AM

SKL Consultants Almari Edwards and Aaliyah Gunaratne attended the Statistical Machine Learning Fundamentals – a crash course given by the Actuaries Institute.

Presenters Alex Rowley and Andres Villegas covered several interesting points in the first of the series on Machine Learning.  Topics covered included

  • The opportunities, benefits and concerns with using machine learning algorithms in the actuarial field
  • Comparison of Machine Learning and conventional statistical techniques
  • Exploration of types of machine learning algorithms and how they work
  • Recognizing potential obstacles to the implementation.

The session concluded with a 20 minute question period to address issues that came up.

The institute is following this session up with a further 3 seminars in which they will explore in further detail the possibilities of Machine Learning in the actuarial field.


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